Q Essence Raspberry Leaf Loose Leaf Tea 40g

Q Essence Raspberry Leaf Loose Leaf Tea 40g


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Raspberry leaf is traditionally used as a uterine tonic herb. It is commonly used to prepare the body for birth or to ease painful periods. This beautiful tea blend from Q Essence is a combination of the organic raspberry leaf with peppermint and rose petals.

Each 40g canister contains approximately 35 serves.

This tea is suitable to take during the third trimester of pregnancy.


Raspberry leaf, rose petals & peppermint
100% organic and caffeine-free



Place 1-2 tsp in a tea pot or cup with a strainer. Pour in boiling water. Let brew for 1-3 minutes. Flavour will vary depending on strength.


During pregnancy, take during the third trimester of pregnancy only. Do not drink raspberry leaf tea during the first or second trimester.

Weeks 32 to 37- 1 cup per day
Week 37 – 2 cups per day
Week 38 – 3 cups per day
Week 39 onwards- 4 cups per day

For menstrual health, drink up to 4 cups per day during menstruation to manage cramps. Not suitable during heavy bleeding.