Acupuncture Sandringham


Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Hampton residents can trust

Located 10 minutes away from bustling Hampton St, we are in a sleepy quiet location in Melbourne’s bayside suburb of Brighton East. With ample unlimited street parking, our cosy clinic offers calm and beautiful treatment rooms where you can get a respite from all of life’s busy-ness.

We welcome you to come and wind down a little earlier than your treatment and sip one of our delicious Chinese herbal -medicine based herbal blends and take a moment to catch your breath.

Our team of dedicated acupuncturists and naturopaths are renowned for their warmth, compassion and care combined with a wealth of knowledge and resources to share. We all have particular interests in different areas, and most especially we love to help with women’s health issues including support for fertility treatments alongside IVF, pregnancy support and chronic pain. Whether you’re interested in the traditional Chinese medicine experience, western herbal medicine, nutritional support from a qualified naturopath or an incredible remedial massage, we have tailored treatments to best match your particular needs.

If you’re looking for care and support close to Hampton, we’d love to welcome you to our lovely acupuncture clinic space.

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