Gua Sha Massage

What is a Gua Sha Massage?

Gua sha is a traditional East Asian therapeutic technique that involves rubbing a smooth-edged instrument, such as a spoon, coin or piece of jade across the skin surface where a subcutaneous injury or imbalance resides. “Gua” is a Chinese word for scrape. With repeated rubbing causing friction on the skin, a distinctive reddening of the skin, known as “Sha”, is observed. The technique used for a gua sha massage stimulates blood flow in the muscles and along fascia and aims to move Qi and blood that is not flowing properly and release heat from the body.

How is a Gua Sha Massage Performed?

Gua sha is typically performed on a person’s back, buttocks, neck, arms, or legs. The pressing and scraping with the gua sha tool can produce an impressive and distinctive reddening of the skin which fades over several days. A gentle version of gua sha is sometimes used on the face to improve the skin’s appearance.

Despite the sometimes-vivid effect on the skin, the stroking technique can feel very pleasant especially for sore tight muscles and is a wonderful combination with Chinese cupping and acupuncture.

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